Eternal Home


Eternal home


Eternal Home,  90 min, Horror, 2016

Production Companies: YPSmedia and Viktorija Film
Main Cast: Marta Bjelica / Petar Strugar
Producers: Ivana Bogdanović and Marko Jocić
Directors:  Mladen Milosavljević and Marko Backović
Writers: Mladen Milosavljević and Marko Backović

Theme of the film is inspired by Serbian folklore fantasy and true events. The film aims to introduce and present a new mythical creature, unknown to a worldwide cinematography. “Eternal House” story follows a night in the life of a married couple, who tries to save their child from the terrible otherworldly threats. After a year of living in a beautiful country house, strange things begin to happen and the most important is a bad health condition of the child.




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